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STRONG START OF THE VLN SEASON FOR PATRICK!NURBURGRING, APRIL 14 2013 – Patrick Huisman and his Frikadelli Racing Team enjoyed a superb start of the ‘VLN Lauf 2013’ with their new Porsche GT3 R 2012. Together with Sabine Schmitz and Klaus Abbelen, Huisman attacked the 38. DMV 4-Stunden Rennen like never before. On Friday, Huisman stunned the 214-car strong field by grabbing pole position for Saturday’s race. Also in the race, the team looked set for a dominant victory if a backmarker had not interfered with the ‘fast-food’ Frikadelli Porsche, ending the team’s dream and hopes in ashes.

After the first round of the VLN was called off last month due to the icy conditions on the Nordschleife, the second meeting of the year finally marked the start of the new race season. Eager to go out and get some mileage in their brand new Porsche GT3 R, Huisman, Schmitz and Abbelen enjoyed a trouble-free practice session on Friday, where the car immediately delivered a promising potential.

On a wet but drying track, Huisman took a gamble in Saturday’s qualifying to go out as late as possible to get the most out of the ever drying track in order to snatch pole position! Not only did the Flying Dutchman beat the likes of 213(!) other competitors, he also did it with an astonishing 7 seconds lead!

It was quite clear from a team point of view to let Huisman take care of the race start, which he did brilliantly. In only a number of laps Huisman created a gap over his nearest competitors in order to hand the steering wheel over to Sabine with an impressive margin. Sabine controlled the race as she usually does, without giving anything away. After the second stop, in which Huisman took over again, the team looked set for a dominant victory, but was robbed of this result by a backmarker who didn’t noticed the arriving Frikadelli Porsche in time. As a result, the clash immediuately ended Huisman’s race in the gravel trap with severe damage to the car. But even though the team left the circuit empty handed, everyone was extremely happy and confident about the possibilities for the remainder of the season!

PATRICK HUISMAN: “I think the results show it all, there is nothing left to add in all honousty. The team worked very hard all winter to get the new car running, and they did this in a perfect way. In Saturday’s qualifying I took a gamble to go out as late as possible, risking heavy traffic on my way, bt it all worked out just fine by grabbing a dominant pole position. Also in the race we were set for victory, but unfortunately race incidents are part of the show sometimes as well. Ofcourse we are very dissapointed, but the optimism prevails. I can’t wait for the next round!”

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